Cupcakes Central is a local home-based
cupcake biz.  We specialize in  "tastettes,"
tiny delights that will WOW your taste buds!  
The Usual Cupcakes
Usual Cupcakes Line-up

Orange You Glad to Eat Me?- Classic white cake with a
smooth orange butter cream frosting and chocolate shavings

Mint to Be- Classic white cake filled with peppermint patty
and topped with a light butter cream frosting, sprinkled
with candy cane bits

Asian Persuasion- Classic white cake filled with fried
banana, with a creamy coconut frosting, shredded coconut,
and chocolate/caramel drizzle

The Go-to- Classic white cake with our mouthwatering butter
cream or chocolate frosting (add any topping)

Fill Me Up Buttercup- Creamy chocolate cake filled up with
a Reese's peanut butter cup topped with rich peanut butter  
frosting and chopped peanuts
Cupcakes Central LLC

"We're not bakers, we're CUPCAKE makers!"
Kimmy-Boy Brownie
Al’s Diesel Double Dark Chocolate
Hot Mama’s Mojito
Captain Kirk's Nuts- Classic white cake with a palate
pleasing pecan pie filling, light butter cream frosting and
sliced pecans  

Peggy's Luscious Lemons- Classic white cake loaded
with lemony pudding and topped with a light lemon butter
cream frosting

Granny's Apple- Classic white cake stuffed with Granny's
apple pie filling, topped with a cinnamon sugar butter cream

JVL’s Banana Chocolate Monkey- Fresh banana
infused cake with tiny chocolate morsels, finished off with a
smooth banana butter cream frosting and sprinkled with
crushed walnuts

Bringin' Home the Bacon- Bacon infused cake with a
creamy maple frosting sprinkled with bacon

Susan's Simply Red- Velvety red cake with a simply
scrumptious frosting

Toffee Time- Toffee chocolate crunch cake with
chocolate butter cream frosting

C-R-E-O 'n' Cream- Oreo cookie cake topped with vanilla
butter cream frosting and crumbled cookies

Papa’s Cherrylicious Chocolate Cake- Velvety
chocolate cake with a very cherry filling, topped with our
creamy milk chocolate frosting

Karla Macchiato-  Simply smooth espresso cake frosted
with a silky caramel frosting

Le’mon Merengue- Delectable lemon-filled cake with a
bite of light and airy meringue

Key Lime to the Top- Delicious lime-filled classic cake
with a dollop of melt-in-your mouth meringue

The Blacker the Berry… the Sweeter the Cupcake!-
Fluffy white cake with a rich blackberry filling and a light
blackberry frosting

Doc Shannon’s Choco RX- A triple dose of chocolate;
moist chocolate cake with a creamy chocolate pudding
filling and our signature chocolate butter cream frosting

Jason's Newsworthy Wafer- Nila wafer infused cake
filled with banana pudding, topped off with our smooth
butter cream frosting and Nila wafer crumbles  

Jimi's Dig'in for Gold- Golden OREO cake frosted with
creamy butter cream covered in bits of Golden OREOs

Birthday Surprise- Our classic “Go-To” with a vanilla
pudding surprise in the center
Chlo-Berry Cupcake- Fluffy white cake filled with
sweet strawberry jam, strawberry frosting, fresh
strawberry and a dab of whipped cream

Jonbon's '48 Classic Mint Chocolate Chip-
Chocolaty chocolate chip cake with a minty butter
cream frosting and chocolate crumbles

Strawberry-Banana Splits- Smooth classic white
cake with a strawberry- banana filling and strawberry
swirl frosting

Cap's Boston Cream Party- Classic white cake
overflowing with vanilla pudding and a dark chocolate
glazed frosting.

Auntie M's Tasty Turtle- Moist chocolate cake
with a creamy caramel and walnut filling, topped off
with tasty milk chocolate frosting and walnut slivers

PB 'n' J2- Grape jelly filled white cake with a smooth
peanut butter frosting

5 Karat- Slivers of carrots, chopped raisins, and a hint
of cinnamon come together in this classic cake,  
finished off with a traditional cream cheese frosting

J ax’s Salty Bux- Rich chocolate cake stuffed with a
delectable salted caramel, pretzels, and pecan mixture,
topped with chocolate butter cream frosting and
crumbled butter cookies

Muttie's Almond Lovin- Classic cake with a mellow
almond filling, butter cream frosting, and a sliced

Travis’ Tropical Pineapple-Coconut Treasure-
Coconut cake filled with pineapple jam, topped with  
tasty coconut frosting, fresh shredded coconut and a
dollop of pineapple jam

Annie Banannie- A perfect blend of banana and
walnuts combined with our classic cake and topped
with a whipped banana frosting

Sunshine's Cinnamon Churro- Spiced cinnamon
cake, deep fried to crispy perfection and rolled in our
special cinnamon-sugar

HoggyDaz Double Raspberry Sorbet-  Rich
raspberry cake adorned with a whipped rasberry

S'more Goodness- Chocolate cake exploding with
marshmallow filling topped with whipped
marshmallow frosting, Graham cracker crumbles and a
drizzle of warm Hershey's chocolate
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